From The Journey to Civil Rights Lesson Plan

The following books are helpful for exploring diversity and teaching students a variety of facts about the civil rights movement.

The Day Martin Luther King Jr. Was Shot: A Photo History of the Civil Rights Movement
by Jim Haskins

A stirring look at the history of the fight for civil rights and the gains made since the fateful day of King's death. Includes powerful photographs and illustrations.

Classroom Tip: Offer this title as another research tool.

If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks
by Faith Ringgold

Engage students with a biographical account of Rosa Parks.

Classroom Tip: Read this version and compare it to another biography.

If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King
by Ellen Levine; illustrated by Anna Rich

Vivid full color illustrations and question-and-answer text bring historical events, eras, and people to life.

Classroom Tip: This book can be used as an additional reference tool for providing students with an understanding of Civil Rights history in a "child friendly" format.

Let's Read About...Rosa Parks
by Courtney Baker

Biographical account of Rosa Parks and her contribution in the struggle for equality.

Classroom Tip: This book can be used as a read aloud to illustrate the atmosphere of inequality during the Civil Rights movement.

The Story of Ruby Bridges
by Robert Coles; illustrated by George C Ford

A beautifully illustrated true story of the first African-American child to de-segregate a New Orleans school.

Classroom Tip: This book can be used as a resource for providing students with a link to the past and the first steps towards achieving liberty and justice for all.

Super Social Studies! Quick and Easy Activities, Games, and Manipulatives
by Camille Cooper, Shirley Lee, Liz Van Tine, Barbara White

A great resource filled with classroom-tested, creative, hands-on activities like wonder circles, fold-up maps, paper-chain timelines, and more. Find mapping, timeline, and report-writing ideas that will make Social Studies a highlight of your students' days.

Classroom Tip: Use this resource as a creative alternative to constructing a traditional timeline in Lesson Two.

Civil Rights Books for Grades K–12

Fiction and nonfiction titles about the civil rights movement and its heroes, including Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Ruby Bridges.

Black History Month Books

Great resources on African Americans who have made exceptional contributions in the history of our country and the world.

Diverse Books for Grades PreK–2 and Diverse Books for Grades 3–5

Titles at various reading levels that explore diversity.

Classroom Tip: These books can be used to illustrate differences and similarities as they relate to different cultures and people.