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When teaching a middle school social studies/history curriculum, supplemental resources are essential to keep the textbook from becoming too dry. The following books are excellent resources for adding new ideas that will jumpstart your curriculum and your students' interests!

Ancient Rome: A Complete Resource That Helps Kids Learn About This Fascinating Civilization
by Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Full of information and exciting activities, this book is great for teachers who are new to the social studies curriculum or unsure about teaching ancient Roman Civilization. It comes with an easy to follow unit guideline. Implement any or all of these activities instantly!

Make Social Studies COME ALIVE! 65 Classroom-Tested Activities and Projects
by Marilyn Kretzer, et al.

This book is full of alternative assessments that are sure to keep your students' interest! The rubric on page 8 can be applied to every activity and project in the book.

Look for the following books in your school library.

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator!
by John Malam

This book teaches students how to empathize with the "Barbarians" and what it meant to be sold into slavery in the 1st Century A.D. Read the introduction of this book to your students at the beginning of your unit to get them hooked!

Ancient Civilizations: Quick and Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer Classroom
by Edie Evans

Reproduce these activities and use them as independent research starters for your accelerated learners!