From Unit Plan: All About Me and the School Experience

Clifford's Best Friend
by Norman Bridwell

What child wouldn't want to have a pet as special as Clifford the Big Red Dog?! That's part of the secret of Norman Bridwell's successful series of children's books. Emily Elizabeth loves Clifford and Clifford loves Emily Elizabeth — what a great fit!

No, David!
by David Shannon

In award-winning writer and illustrator David Shannon's charming and chaotic picture book, a mischievous toddler is scolded for wreaking general havoc, but he soon returns to his mother's embrace and a warm "I love you."

David Goes to School
by David Shannon

The out-of-control monster-child from the Caldecott Honor Book No, David! is back and bringing his boyishly disgusting habits into the classroom. Colorful and hilarious illustrations examine our strangely appealing snaggle-toothed, round-headed kid at eye level. "Children will, of course, recognize every line of the text and every one of David's moves." —Kirkus Reviews.

I Like Me
by Nancy Carlson

It's important to feel good about yourself and take care of yourself. That's what this delightful book about self-esteem is all about!

Clifford's First School Day
by Norman Bridwell

Let the children in your classroom enjoy many laughs as they follow Clifford on his adventures during Emily's first day of school.

Will I Have a Friend?
by Miriam Cohen

This book will help put your students' fears of not having friends at school to ease. They will follow the story of a boy and how his fears are set aside when he meets his first friend during naptime at school.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
by Joseph Slate, Ashley Wolff

This book will calm any student who is anxious about going to kindergarten as they watch Mrs. Bindergarten prepare for her students' (one name for each letter of the alphabet) first day of school.

Spot Goes to School
by Eric Hill

This book takes you through Spot's first day of school, where he meets friends, paints pictures, and listens to story time.

Quick as a Cricket
by Audrey Wood

This book helps build the self-confidence of youngsters as they watch a cricket mimic other animals while finding the beauty in all parts of himself.

Darcy and Gran Don't Like Babies
by Jane Cutler

This book will helps your students who are gaining new brothers and sisters understand the feelings and emotions that go along with the new addition to the family.

by Kevin Henkes

Every child has the one thing that gives them a sense of security. For Owen, it is his blanket Fuzzy. As he approaches kindergarten, Owen's parents (with advice from a nosy neighbor) decide it's time that Owen gives up his prized possession, Fuzzy. This is a heart-warming story that deals with real issues that parents and children go through every day. Watch as Owen and his mother find a wonderful solution to help Owen let go of his security blanket.

by Aliki

We all have feelings, but we may feel different things at different times. This book helps children explore the different feelings they have every day.