Unit Plan: Here Comes Winter!

I have listed books here that are either used directly in the three lessons or would be a beneficial supplement to those lessons. 

Books about winter (Lesson 1):

Caps, Hats, Socks, Mittens by Louise Borden
This book is about the 4 seasons.
Classroom Tip: Talk about the different clothes that are worn at different time of the year and the way people adapt to weather by the clothes worn.

Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
Peter wakes up and discovers that it snowed overnight. Students learn the different things Peter did in the snow.
Classroom Tip: Discuss activities that Peter did in the snow and things they have done or would like to do. Make a class book

Winter Is Here by Kimberly A. Weinberger
Illustrates the various environmental changes that occur with the change of seasons from fall to winter.
Classroom Tip: Children will list characteristics of winter. 

Books about animals' behavior in winter (Lesson 2):

From Tadpole to Frog by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
Illustrates the life cycle of a frog as well as their behavior in changing environments. 
Classroom Tip:  Discuss dormancy. 

How Turtle Flew South For the Winter
This book is based on a Sioux legend of how animals adapt to climate changes.
Classroom Tip: Use this book to discuss migration. 

Summer Coat, Winter Coat by Doe Boyle
Snowshoe Hare's coat changes from brown to white to help her blend into her habitat.
Classroom Tip: Discuss why blending into the habitat is so important to the survival of the hare.  List other animals that blend into their habitat.

Time To Sleep by Denise Fleming
Follow a bear as he prepares for winter and discuss simply the concept of hibernation.
Classroom Tip: Discuss hibernation and compare bear behavior in the winter to that of other animals. 

The Flight of the Snow Geese by Deborah King
Discusses the migration of geese and the things they encounter during their migration. Students learn that migrating birds sometimes have difficulty finding food.
Classroom Tip: Students will make bird feeders.

Books about temperature (Lesson 3):

Temperature and You by Betsey Maestro
Tells what temperature is and how it is measured on a thermometer.
Classroom Tip: Gives students a starting point on thermometers.

Temperature (Our Physical World) by Rebecca Olien
Tells about degrees and how to read a thermometer.
Classroom Tip: More in depth information about thermometers. Students will graph temperatures.