From Unit Plan: Let's Brush Our Teeth!

These books are available from the Teacher Store.

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy by Paulette Bourgeois, illustrated by Brenda Clark
This is a funny book to use when comparing the teeth of different kinds of animals.

Clifford's Loose Tooth: Big Book Unit
Students will learn about teamwork and reading skills with this fun Clifford story.

Crocodile and the Dentist by Taro Gomi
Use this book as a fun introduction to a discussion about dentists.

Doctor de Soto by William Steig
Compare this book with Crocodile and the Dentist.

Arthur's Tooth video based on the book by Marc Brown
The children enjoy watching this video after we have read the book.

Scholastic Interactive Pocket Charts: Teeth: The Hands-on Way to Build Reading Skills!
These are great for using with a group or as a center activity.

Fresh & Fun: Teeth: Dozens of Instant and Irresistible Ideas and Activities From Teachers Across the Country by Jacqueline Clarke
Many of these can be done in classroom activity centers.

Here are some additional books that I use for teaching this unit. Look for them in your school library.

Supertwins and Tooth Trouble by B.J. James, illustrated by Chris Demarest
Scholastic Reader - Level 2
Students love writing about their adventure with the Supertwins.

A Look at Teeth by Allan Fowler
Rookie Read-About Science
This book is a wonderful introduction to teeth. Students like the comparison of teeth. We measure different teeth, graph, and chart them.

Dr. Kanner, Dentist with a Smile by Alice K. Flanagan, photographs by Christine Osinski
This photographic book helps take some of the mystery out of going to the dentist.

Staying Healthy: Dental Care by Alice B. McGinty
This non-fiction book gives students the facts about dental care.

The Real Tooth Fairy by Marilyn Kaye, illustrated by Helen Cogancherry
This intriguing book helps children think twice about the tooth fairy. It is a must-have book for teachers when children lose teeth.