From Unit Plan: Patriotism


The Pledge of Allegiance
This book of photographs illustrates the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. Each picture could lead to a discussion of the meaning of the words in the Pledge. The endnotes by Kama Einhorn interpret some of the phrases, tell when the flag should be displayed, supply interesting flag facts, and give additional information about each photograph. This book is appropriate for all ages.

Liberty by Lynn Curlee
Although in picture-book format with interesting full-page pictures, this is definitely a book geared toward higher-level readers, or a book that could be used as a read-aloud with discussion. It takes the history of the Statue of Liberty from its conception through its construction in America. The final pages give specifications and a timeline of the Statue.

Read Aloud Plays: 10 Fascinating Reproducible Plays that Teach Kids About the Important American Symbols, Heroes, and Holidays that Tell the Story of Our Country by Mack Lewis
This is an excellent book to extend the patriotic theme, showcasing multiple intelligences.

The Flag We Love by Pam Munoz Ryan
This is a beautiful picture book with simple text and powerful pictures. Interesting historical facts about the history of the American flag appear on each page. This book is appropriate as an easy read for 3rd to 5th grade readers, but the historical facts have more challenging text.

The Wall by Eve Bunting
In simple language, Eve Bunting brings home the beauty and emotional impact of the Vietnam Memorial. A small boy and his father visit the site of the Vietnam Memorial, connecting with the Grandfather the little boy never got a chance to meet. It's very powerful but appropriate for all levels.

A Wall of Names: The Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Judy Donnelly
This book is a complete, yet simple, history of the Vietnam War and the Vietnam Memorial. It is better for 4th and 5th graders and up. Students will have many questions and interesting discussions will be provoked.

Young Patriots by Carole Marsh

Our Flag by Polly Hoffman

Patriotic Monuments and Memorials by Melissa Hart

Patriotic Songs and Symbols by Melissa Hart

Patriotic Puzzlers by Mary Ellen Sterling and Susan Schumann Nowlin