From Unit Plan: Different Ways We Celebrate

The following books are helpful in studying diverse holiday celebrations.

Las Navidades: Christmas
by Lulu Delacre

A bilingual collection of songs highlighting seasonal traditions.

Classroom Tip: Read this book aloud to introduce Christmas Songs from Latin America.

Light the Lights! A Story About Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas
by Margaret Moorman

Join Emma and her family as they celebrate two holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Classroom Tip: Have students compare and contrast the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays.

The Night Before Christmas
by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

A traditional retelling of this Christmas classic.

Classroom Tip: Read this book aloud to share details of a traditional American Christmas celebration.

Seven Candles for Kwanzaa
by Andrea Davis Pinkney; illustrated by Brian Pinkney

A beautifully designed picture book of the seven-day African American holiday.

Classroom Tip: Read this book aloud to introduce students to the traditions and origins of Kwanzaa.

The Scholastic Big Book of Holidays Around the Year
by Susan Dillon

A terrific holiday resource of great activities, read-aloud fast facts, and reproducibles.

Classroom Tip: You can use this book as a resource guide for over 70 celebrations.