From Unit Plan: Giving

Books for Students

Browse this book list for titles that teach what it means to sacrifice for others, the power of small acts of kindness, and the difference between giving from the heart and giving only for rewards.

Teaching Resources

The Big Book of Classroom Stationery: Dozens of Motivating Writing Sheets With Illustrated Borders Kids Will Love! (For Grades 2-3For Grades 4-6)
This book of blank, reproducible sheets with illustrated borders is handy for many writing assignments and can be used for the poem in this unit. It also has patriotic borders that could prove helpful in lessons dealing with Presidents' Day and similar holidays.

Short Plays for Building Fluency: Famous Americans
Many of the people in this book can serve as examples of those who give to the community or give for causes that help mankind. Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln are two of the models presented through the appealing device of short plays. 

African Americans Who Made a Difference: 15 Plays for the Classroom
As with the book mentioned above, this is a great way to introduce or reacquaint students with people who gave so much to our country. From Ida B. Wells-Barnett to Thurgood Marshall, these plays broaden students' awareness of the important roles held by African Americans in all aspects of American history.