Unit Title: We Need Farms

The books listed are great for read alouds. They can be used to spur discussions and interest in the topic, and give the students creative ideas when asked to write about farms, farm animals, and apple farms. I have used some of these books year after year, while others are newly discovered but highly regarded.

An Apple a Day: Over 20 Apple Projects for Kids
by Jennifer Storey Gillis and Patti Delmonte

This book gives teachers a lot of ideas for the classroom using apples.

Classroom Tip: Use the many ideas for what can be done with apples. Examples include: print with apples, apple pizza, bob for apples, apple wreaths.

And the Cow Said Moo!
by Mildred Phillips

A young, bossy cow tries to make other animals say, "Moo." She learns that each animal has its own way of talking.

Classroom Tip: I read this book to the class and then discuss and chart the ways animals "speak."

Apples, Apples, Apples
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

This book discusses planting, picking, and the parts of an apple.

Classroom Tip: This book has a recipe for applesauce!

Apple Farmer Annie
by Monica Wellington

Annie picks and sorts apples. She makes applesauce, apple muffins, cake, and cider. The recipes are included.

Classroom Tip: Read, discuss, and make some of the recipes.

Apple Picking Time
by Michele B. Slawson

This story describes a family harvesting apples. The little girl wants to fill a basket of apples by herself.

Classroom Tip: Use this book to discuss time and sequence with the words "first," "next," "then," and "last."

Big Red Barn
by Margaret Wise Brown

This story tells about the animals' day on a farm.

Classroom Tip: Read and discuss the life on a farm for animals.

Farm Life
by Elizabeth Spurr

This book shows students around a farm using a rhyme similar to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? It introduces many examples of farm vocabulary, and reviews numbers 1 to 10 and colors.

Classroom Tip: This book introduces a lot of vocabulary, so it lends itself to a variety of discussions about tractors, threshers, balers, etc.

Living on Farms
by Allan Fowler

This book describes the importance of farms.

Classroom Tip: Discuss why we have farms.

Once Upon a Farm
by Marie Bradby

Poetic details and exquisite watercolors portray the toil and triumph of life on a family farm.

Classroom Tip: Students will get the feel for life on a farm.

Penelope at the Farm
by Anne Gutman

Students are escorted through a farm to find hidden animals. This book has very simple text, so some students will be able to read the story independently.

Classroom Tip: Put this book in the class library so students can have access to it. Some will read it independently.

Ten Red Apples
by Pat Hutchins

A rhyming/counting book about ten apples on a tree and the animals that eat them.

Classroom Tip: Students will enjoy counting backwards.

The Cow That Went Oink
by Bernard Most

A cow that goes "Oink" meets a pig that goes "Moo."

Classroom Tip: Students will enjoy hearing about these animals. Discuss how to treat others who are different.

Wake Up, Big Barn
by Suzanne Chitwood

This is a book with wonderful rhymes that the students really enjoy, as well as beautiful collage-based illustrations.

Classroom Tip: I use this book as a read aloud. We talk about the sounds the animals make and the actions of the farm animals through the beautiful art.

The Cows in the Corn
by James Young

The crops are overrun by farm animals.

Classroom Tip: This is a great read aloud and a big book.

I Went Walking
by Sue Williams

A young boy discovers all kinds of animals on his walk.

Classroom Tip: This is a fun book to introduce the concept of prediction.

Hattie and the Fox
by Mem Fox

This fun story has great illustrations, a predictable text, and a fun plot about farm animals.

Classroom Tip: This is a great book to use to introduce some basic farm animals and to get the unit started.