From Unit Plan: Reading Partnerships

This book list contains links to multiple copies of chapter books that teachers can purchase to support reading partnerships in the classroom. I have also included professional books with ideas for doing creative book reports. The books contain reproducibles that teachers can use to provide students with additional ideas for final projects that partners are required do at the end of their reading partnership experience.

Chapter Book Sets

All books sets contain 6 copies of the chapter books listed below.  This is a great way to start building the "double-copy" section of your library.  Since it is not uncommon for two different groups of reading partners to be interested in reading the same book, it is sometimes advantageous to have multiple sets of double-copy books.

I have indicated the guided reading level for each book so that you can buy books that are most suitable for the readers in your classroom.

Bud, Not Buddy: 6 Book Set by Christopher Paul Curtis
This Newbery Award winning book is about a boy named Bud, an orphan on the run from abusive foster homes and Hoovervilles in 1930s Michigan.  The idea that's planted itself in his head is that Herman E. Calloway, standup-bass player for the Dusky Devastators of the Depression, is his father.
Guided Reading Level: U

The Chalkbox Kid: 6 Book Set by Clyde Robert Bulla
Gregory's family moves to a smaller house in a poorer part of town because his father has lost his factory job.  Gregory explores a nearly abandoned building that formerly was a chalk factory. Gregory finds plenty of chalk in the debris as he cleans up, and the artist in him soars. Even though the kids at the new school don't accept him readily, Gregory finds happiness in the blackened walls of the building that becomes his giant canvas.
Guided Reading Level: N

Class President: 6 Book Set by Johanna Hurwitz
Julio would like to be president, although he lacks the confidence to run. But with effort, he demonstrates his ability to lead.  He rallies his peers to raise money to replace a classmate's broken glasses; convincing the principal that a new rule is unfair--and these efforts are recognized on election day.
Guided Reading Level: O

Dear Mr. Henshaw: 6 Book Set by Beverly Cleary
In this realistic fiction book a young boy, Leigh Botts, struggles with his divorced parents, his social life, and writing a book for his school. To cope with his problems, Leigh writes to his favorite author, Boyd Henshaw, to express his feelings and concerns. Through these letters, Leigh learns to accept and appreciate his life.
Guided Reading Level: Q

The Great Gilly Hopkins: 6 Book Set by Katherine Patterson
Eleven-year-old Gilly has been stuck in more foster families than she can remember, and she's disliked them all. She has a reputation for being brash, brilliant, and completely unmanageable. So when she's sent to live with the Trotters -- by far the strangest family yet -- Gilly decides to put her sharp mind to work. Before long she's begins scheming to get her real mother to come rescue her.  But the rescue doesn't work out, and the great Gilly Hopkins is left thinking that maybe life with the Trotters wasn't so bad.
Guided Reading Level: S

Riding Freedom: 6 Book Set by Pam Muñoz Ryan
In the story, Charlotte grew up as the only girl in a boy's orphanage where she constantly struggled for freedom and equality. She loved horses and spent every available minute either caring for them or riding them. The feelings of the boys around her didn't matter as long as she was able to ride horses.
Guided Reading Level: P

Stone Fox: 6 Book Set by John Reynolds Gardiner
This is a story of a boy determined to win a dog sled race to save his grandfather's farm. No one has ever beaten Stone Fox, but little Willy trains daily for the race with his beloved dog, Searchlight.
Guided Reading Level: P

The Stories Julian Tells: 6 Book Set by Ann Cameron
Julian's stories are magnificent, but they aren't always the truth, and they cause him some trouble.
Guided Reading Level: N

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing: 6 Book Set by Judy Blume
Peter Hatcher is nine years old and has the awful job of dealing with almost-three-year-old Fudgie at all times. Fudge is a real handful and can really get on Peter's nerves with his mischievous, yet hilarious, antics.
Guided Reading Level: Q

Professional Resources

In Lesson 3: Reading Partnership Book Projects, partners are expected to present their book to their classmates in a creative way.  Here are some books that you can use to select options for students who are working together to plan an exciting way to share their reading of the book.

24 Ready-to-Go Genre Book Reports by Susan Ludwig
This book is a great supplement for your independent reading program.  It includes with 24 genre book reports with easy-to-follow directions that help kids reflect meaningfully on what they have read.

Better Than Book Reports by Christine Boardman Moen
This book provides creative alternatives to traditional book reports such as culture kits, tangram tales, story trees, press conferences, and 35 more.