From Unit Plan: Real-World Conflict Resolution

This list includes professional books to help guide students through writing persuasively for a myriad of audiences. Also, in this list, are books that provide background stories about conflict so that beginning studies can be impersonal, allowing students to be more objective.

16 Writing Lessons to Prepare Students for the State Assessment and More by Mary Lynn Woods
These surefire lessons will help your kids write well on the tests and beyond. Working through short, focused writing tasks make the elements of good writing crystal clear for students.

Classroom Tip: I will use this to achieve the goals of the lesson on conflict resolution for those who choose to write essays while also preparing for standardized tests.

Action Book Collection: Social Studies: World Cultures & Geography
Designed for the struggling reader, Scholastic Action Book Collections offer independent reading practice combined with innovative support to increase comprehension and language acquisition. Motivating, skill-building activities, integrated into each component, provide structured engagement and accountability for every title.

Classroom Tip: If students are struggling with the given topic of "Might makes right," other stories may inspire them to explore conflict resolution. The more options students are given, the more they believe they control their assignment — which in turn increases motivation to get the work done. These books will be offered as outside reading to inspire writing for the culminating activity.

Against the Odds by Joe Layden
A unique, photo-illustrated book looks at eight NBA players who have overcome great obstacles in their climb to the top. From Reggie Miller, who wore leg braces for the first five years of his life, to Jayson Williams, who lost two of his sisters to AIDS, these profiles reveal the humanity of some of today's top athletes.

Classroom Tip: This book offers an alternative resource for the culminating activity. If students are struggling with the suggested focus for writing, each will be given the opportunity to read other books about other people with struggles. This can hopefully inspire the students to explore conflict resolution that is personally relevant, which will allow for a more meaningful writing experience.

Now Is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom by Walter Dean Myers
This is a collection of stories of amazing people from Africa and includes "Abd al-Rahmen Ibrahima."

Classroom Tip: If you are unable to find student copies of this short story, use this book and read aloud the story of Prince Ibrahima. This is also a great resource to have in your classroom for the students to enjoy reading themselves.

Scholastic Read-Aloud Anthology by Janet Allen and Patrick Daley
You'll reach for this collection of kid-pleasing read alouds again and again. Each short selection will grab students' attentions, build vocabulary, as well as comprehension, listening, and high-level thinking skills. They are also a great way to introduce students to genres such as poetry, short story, speeches, expository writing, and more.

Classroom Tip: Choose a short story from this compilation in order to present a theme to discuss.