1 | Waiting for Augusta By Jessica Lawson. $16.99. A boy with a golf ball in his throat. A mysterious girl. Magical realism at its best, this heartfelt story is about coming to terms with betrayal and forgiveness. Grades 5–8.

2 | The Pros and Cons of Being a Frog By Sue deGennaro. $17.99. Two friends are quite different—Camille speaks in numbers and the “boy” dresses as a frog. They fight, but find the pros outweigh the cons. Grades K–2.

3 | Douglas, You Need Glasses! By Ged Adamson. $16.99. Talking to hydrants? Mistaking his ball for a hornet’s nest. It’s time Douglas got glasses! Endearingly goofy, with photos of real glasses-wearing kids. Grades K–2.

4 | Faraway Fox By Jolene Thompson, illustrated by Justin K. Thompson. $17.99. A young fox sadly wanders a dire suburban landscape that used to be forest. All seems hopeless until he finds a wildlife tunnel back home. Grades K–3.

5 | Lucy By Randy Cecil. $19.99. Like the reel of an old film, Lucy unfurls in several acts that find a homeless dog crossing paths with a kind girl and the girl’s father, a juggler with stage fright. Shades of Hugo Cabret. Grades 1–3.

6 | The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles By Michelle Cuevas, illustrated by Erin E. Stead. $17.99. This odd and magical story about community involves an “uncorker of ocean bottles,” devoted to delivering his messages. Grades 1–3.

7 | The Great Shelby Holmes By Elizabeth Eulberg. $16.99. A thoughtful Watson teams with an irritable, hyper--intelligent Holmes in this clever twist on the detective saga. A great read to teach deductive reasoning! Grades 3–6.

8 | Towers Falling By Jewell Parker Rhodes. $16.99. This profound novel grapples with what it means to be an American, a survivor, a Muslim, and homeless, as three kids come to terms with the hidden traumas of 9/11. Grades 4–7.

9 | The Thing About Leftovers By C. C. Payne. $16.99. Fizzy, a Southern tomboy and aspiring chef, feels like a “leftover” when her parents move on to new marriages. From snarkiness to sorrow, hers is a true teen voice. Grades 4–7.

10 | When Friendship Followed Me Home By Paul Griffin. $16.99. Can one small dog heal the hurts of a lonely boy and an imaginative girl who is battling death? No, but together they all find their way.
Grades 5–8.


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