Scholastic recommends the following books to motivate and inspire even the most reluctant readers.

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Cummel
56 pages

What would happen if the dish ran away with the spoon—and never came back? Using the characters from favorite nursery rhymes, this story introduces children to word play and humorous treatment of familiar themes. Ask students to identify and discuss the individual rhymes the characters come from and create some rhymes of their own. "Children will love this parodyglorious full-page illustrations are lively and humorous."—Children's Literature

Blabber Mouse
By True Kelley
32 pages

Blabber Mouse can't resist telling secrets—even when he's been asked not to! Fortunately, his teacher and his friends have a plan to help him. This lighthearted story can be used to spark a conversation on the consequences of telling all and how to exercise self-control. "A charming cast of characters and an effective narrative to teach children about gossip . . . the book addresses a common problem directly, and with levity."—School Library Journal

Bug Bunch #2: The Big Sleepover
by Elizabeth Bennett
pictures by Jeffrey Scherer
32 pages

When Buzz the Bee has a sleepover party, he's fighting an uphill battle to keep his insect pals awake! Easy-to-read text and funny characters will keep independent readers engaged and entertained!

Moose's Loose Tooth
by Jacqueline A. Clark
pictures by Bruce McNally
32 pages

Moose's Loose Tooth will certainly leave your class with big smiles. This hilarious story follows Moose as all the animals try to help him pull out his tooth, and when an elephant accidentally swallows the tooth, Moose devises a wacky plan for the tooth fairy! The repetitive text invites newly independent readers to enjoy this comedy on their own and the funny predicament makes it the perfect classroom read-aloud!

Tacky and the Emperor
by Helen Lester
32 pages

Tacky's back in this hilarious story of mistaken identity—the other penguin thinks he's an Emperor! When Tacky meets the real royal penguin, he learns that being yourself is not only OK, it's the best way to make new friends! "Children will think this book is a riot and won't even realize that a message is being deliveredabout the joys of non-conformity." —Kirkus Reviews