1. Alex the Parrot: No Ordinary Bird
By Stephanie Spinner, illustrated by Meilo So. $17.99.
The story of the smartest bird around, and the scientist who proved he was doing way more than “parroting,” is a delight. Grades 1–3.

2. You Never Heard of Willie Mays?!
By Jonah Winter, illustrated by Terry Widener. $17.99.
Baseball trivia, radio broadcast quotes, and lessons in segregation mark the saga of the Say Hey Kid’s road to the pros. Grades 2–4.

3. Lincoln and Grace: Why Abraham Lincoln Grew a Beard
By Steve Metzger, illustrated by Ann Kronheimer. $6.99.
A determined girl convinces candidate Lincoln to “let your whiskers grow” to get more votes. It worked! Grades 1–3.

4. A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin
By Jen Bryant, illustrated by Melissa Sweet. $17.99.
Illustrated in a rich folk-art style, this endearing story of a man who stuck to his passion will inspire young artists. Grades K–3.

5. Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington
By Jabari Asim, illustrated by Bryan Collier. $16.99.
Inspire students with the story of Booker T’s relentless quest to become an educated man. Grades 1–3.

6. Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black Paratroopers
By Tanya Lee Stone. $24.99.
This slice of hidden history examines courage, discrimination, and the intensity of war. Grades 6–8. 

7. Louisa May’s Battle: How the Civil War Led to Little Women
By Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Carlyn Beccia. $16.99.
Alcott’s early struggles with getting her stories published are told through the lens of the Civil War. Grades 1–3.

8. Hoop Genius: How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball
By John Coy, ­illustrated by Joe Morse. $16.95.
Hoops fans will be delighted to hear how the game was invented in 1891. Grades 1–3.

9. Annie and Helen
By Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Raul Colón. $17.99.
Archival photos and excerpts of Annie’s and Helen’s letters are a good reason to add this much-covered story to your school library. Grades K–2.

10. Harlem’s Little Blackbird: The Story of Florence Mills
By Renée Watson, illustrated by Christian Robinson. $17.99.
Rhythmic prose and paper-cut-like illustrations bring the story of Harlem’s Little Blackbird to life. Grades K–2.