Professional Articles for Teachers
• "Beginning Researchers" by Donna Maxim and "Bridging the Gap" by Patricia Collins in Coming to Know: Writing to Learn in the Middle Grades, edited by Nancy Atwell (Heinemann, 1990)
• "Engaging & Informing: Reconsidering the Written Report" in A Door Opens: Writing in the Fifth Grade by Jack Wilde (Heinemann, 1993)
• "Children Recreate History in Their Own Words" by Cora Five and Martha Rosen in Breaking Ground: Teachers Relate Reading and Writing in the Elementary Grades, edited by Jane Hansen and Thomas Newkirk (Heinemann, 1985)
• "Blending Literary & Informational Ways of Knowing" by Frederick Burton and Daniel Woolsey, Language Arts (March 1986, p. 273-280).
• "Discovering the Wright Brothers" by Russell Freedman, (Booklinks, May 1992, p. 28-29) and "Researching the Ramsay Scallop" by Frances Temple (Booklinks, November 1994, p. 18): Children's authors discuss nonfiction and historical fiction.
Resources for Kids
For the Love of Research by Murray Suid (Monday Morning, 1986)
Research Almanac by Nancy Polette (Book Lures, 1986)
• Research Challenges by Melissa Donovan (Good Apple, 1985
Technology Tips
The 1996 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. Now this CD-ROM enclyclopedia can be regularly updated via online link with Compuserve. For Windows and Macintosh, $49.95. Grolier, (800) 285-4534.
Webster's InteractiveEncyclopedia. Many thousands of short, illustrated and multimedia-enriched Arcticles. For Windows, $59.95. Cambrix Publishing, (818) 992-8484.