Research Pleasers by Susan S. Petreshene (Bowker, 1992). These challenges will send kids running to the library and other research resources.
Pyramids to Pueblos: 15 Pop-Up Historic Models by Helen H. Moore and Carmen R. Sorvillo (Scholastic Professional Books, 1995). Hands-on research projects through history.
Scholastic Environmental Atlas of the United States by Mark Mattson (Scholastic Reference, 1993). A complete and informative look at geography through an environmental lens; ties in with "Meet a Mentor" in this theme unit.
The Cat's Elbow and Other Secret Languages by Alvin Schwartz (Farrar, 1982). Learn how to speak Pig Latin, Iggity, and other coded languages.
Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald J. Sobol (Nelson, 1963). Kids can put their research skills to work to help this young sleuth.
Technology Tips
CD-ROM Encyclopedias:
Children's Multimedia Encyclopedia. Includes photos, video clips, and narrated text. For Windows and Macintosh, $69.95. Reed Interactive, (800) 308-6353.
Random House Kid's Encyclopedia. Contains 2,000 Arcticles plus all the multimedia bells and whistles. For Windows, $69. Knowledge Adventure, (800) 542-4240.
Webster's InteractiveEncyclopedia. Many thousands of short, illustrated and multimedia-enriched Arcticles. For Windows, $59.95. Cambrix Publishing, (818) 992-8484.
Kids Explore America's National Parks. A great tool for the all-in-one research project. Learning Matters, Inc., (800) 540-9487.
Where in the World: Kids Explore Series. A round-up of geography, culture, and history around the world. Learning Matters, Inc., (800) 540-9487.