A request from a Knight Templar changes Tormod’s life forever, and sets him on the road to adventures.

It was the night of the celebration of Beltane, the beginning of summer, when Tormod met the the Knight Templar. The knight on his huge black warhorse towered over Tormod as he handed him a rolled parchment. “Give it to the Abbot at Balantrodoch,” he said. “Go quickly and tell no one.”

The huge fort of the Knights Templar was almost ten miles away, through the forest, and the sun had just set. Tormod had to be careful not to stray off the path in the darkness, but finally he stood in front of the huge gate and demanded to be let in, because he had a message that had to be given directly to the Abbot.

But when Tormod entered the Abbot’s room, two soldiers were questioning him, and when Tormod tried to give the parchment to the Abbot, one of the soldiers snatched it away. He looked at it quickly, and snarled at the Abbot, “So you haven’t heard from him? We’ll take this with us, and hunt him down and bring him to justice.” The door slammed behind them as they left, and Tormod had one of his visions. He saw his knight riding into an ambush, and if Tormod couldn’t warn him, he would die.

The Abbot listened to Tormod’s explanation, wrote a few lines on a piece of paper, and told Tormod to give it directly to the knight. “Go quickly, as fast as you can. Be careful, and speak to no one.” The Abbot made a cross on Tormond’s forehead. “Go now, and go with God.”