From the Unit Plan: Using Poetry to Explore Change and Belonging


How to Write Poetry
by Paul B. Janeczco

This book guides students through the writing process for writing poetry.

Classroom Tip: A useful book for students and teachers to use when writing poems. I love the "Writing Tip From a Poet."

Reading and Writing Poetry with Teenagers
by Fredric Lown and Judith W. Steinbergh

Presents an awesome approach to teaching poetry to adolescents in grades 7 to 12.

Classroom Tip: Each chapter has a particular theme, poems for read aloud, poems for discussion, model poem for writing exercises, and student examples.  The student examples are wonderful!

Poetry Place Anthology: More Than 600 Poems for All Occasions!
by Scholastic

Classroom Tip: I love to share poems from this book with my students. They really enjoy it.

Comprehension Activities in Poetry
by Steck Vaughn

This book's purpose is to help students become better readers through poetry. The poems in the book are divided into thematic units. Each poem is followed by six comprehension questions (facts, sequence, context, main idea, conclusion, and inference).

Classroom Tip: I have used this book as additional practice with reading skills. I allow students to complete questions individually and in pairs.

Teaching Poetry (The UltimateGuide)
by Brooke Cohen

This book provides practical advice for teachers to inspire their students to write poetry. It also contains a wide array of sample poems and the format for that particular poem.

Classroom Tip: This is one of my favorite books. It contains examples of a variety of poems, and having the format handy is a plus.