The end of the school year is a perfect time to reflect on all the great literature you and your students have shared over the course of the year. As the year winds down, take some time with students to remind them of the wonderful books they have experienced with you, and encourage them to continue their literary experiences over the summer. Use some of these activities to get students thinking about the books they have read, and excited about the books they will read over the summer.


Memory Book
An End-of-the-Year Memory Book is a fun way for students to collect and evaluate all their memories from the school year. Add a literature component by having students review their favorite books of the year and compile their reviews into the Memory Book.

Book Commercial
Have students choose one book they have read this year and recommend it to next year’s incoming class in a 2-minute videotaped commercial. You can use these “commercials” next year to introduce the books. Or you can have your students perform live for the younger grade as a fun end-of-the-year activity for both grades!

Public Library Partnership
Invite the local public librarian to come to your class and give a booktalk. This is a great way to let kids know about summer reading programs and other free resources they can find while school is closed for the summer.

Use the Teacher Book Wizard to create personalized reading lists for each child in your class. Click on the Book-Alike button, type in the child’s favorite book and reading level, and you will find a list of other age-appropriate books the child may also enjoy. The lists can be printed for students to take home or emailed to parents.