What you need:
• paper
• pencil, pen, or computer
• URL for contest information: http://teacher.scholastic.com/biggestbook/kids.htm

What to do:
1. Brainstorm ideas about how you would make the world a better place. You can define "world" as your school, your neighborhood, your town, or all of planet Earth.

2. Choose your favorite idea and write about it. Then enter your essay in our contest for a chance to meet Shaquille O'Neal.

3. Go to the above URL for contest information and follow the directions to send your writing to Scholastic. An author and illustrator will work with editors to transform the essays into the biggest children's book in the world.

4. If you like the contest, get your whole class to participate. Print out the contest information and show it to your teacher, or visit the above URL on your classroom computer.

Learning benefits:
• creative writing
• expository writing
• social development