Reading workshop make various and diverse reading experience available to students, allowing you to meet the individual needs of each reader. Reading experts Laura Robb and Nancie Atwell offer research and recommendations for conducting an effective workshop. Plus, get practical tips from Beth Newingham, a 3rd grade teacher who makes reading workshops a central part of her classroom.

How to Prepare for Reading Workshops
By Nancie Atwell
How do you get students to devour books? Nancie Atwell, author and teacher, explains some proven techniques.

Managing a Workshop
By Laura Robb
Get tips on how to manage a reading workshop effectively, including behavior guidelines, strategies for teaching students to work independently, methods of preventing disruptions, and more.

Reading Experiences that Drive a Workshop
By Laura Robb
Get ideas for reading workshop experiences that enable you to interact with students and monitor their progress, such as read-alouds, strategy mini-lessons, guided practice, and independent free-choice reading.

Classroom Management in a Reading Workshop
By Beth Newingham
Having clear routines and procedures in place will keep independent readers on task and truly engaged in their reading. See this classroom teacher's proven tips.

Books to Support Paired Reading
By Beth Newingham
See recommended chapter books for students and professional books with ideas for doing creative book reports.