Accurately interpret and use test scores. Watch live demonstrations. Get tips and tools for meaningful classroom assessment. Learn five steps to effective intervention.

Literacy expert Brenda Weaver Most Commonly Asked Questions by Brenda Weaver

Why should we assess?

What are the different types of assessments?

What are high stakes tests?

What are the scores you can get from assessments and what do they mean?

How do you know that the assessment chosen is appropriate?

What should be assessed and how often?

Assessment in Your Classroom

Stages of Reading — Set Expectations & Motivate

Informal Reading and Writing Assessments Tools

Oral Fluency Assessment — Watch a master teacher model testing.

Try an Oral Fluency Assessment Calculator for Grades 3-5

Effective Intervention

5-Step Procedure for How to Intervene

Target Instruction — Watch how a baseline test can help suggest further instruction.

Understanding Assessment Research

Assessment Research Articles & Resources for Further Reading