Throughout the year my students are making book after book in Writing Workshop. For one of our units, we do a very in-depth study of nonfiction writing and create an All About/Feature Article book on wildflowers, integrating a lesson from one of our science units. The students research and write a book including a table of contents, four chapters, a glossary, a reference page, and an about the author page. Then the students change the writing into first or second person to add voice and a feature article-like feel to the book. The unit is extremely time consuming and a lot of work for second graders.

To make the process a little easier, we use BareBooks.
BareBooks are hard cover blank books with pages already inserted. They are bound and are ready to use when you purchase them. I order the books from . The website sells different sizes and other products as well. The books are so real and exciting for students, they can't wait to fill their own. After the students illustrate, we type up final drafts. The students use rubber cement glue to attach the pictures and the typed text to each page. The students end with an authentic book that they keep in the classroom for the year and then take home. I've received a lot of excited comments about the books from parents and students and even from my superintendent!