Sixth grade was nothing like what Mikey and Margalo had expected, what with Mikey's parents talking about divorce, and Gianette, the new girl in class, who was even badder than they were!

But it didn't look good. Mrs. Elsinger was certain that a divorce would fix everything, just like she'd been certain that a new job and leaving the city would fix everything when they'd moved to town just a year ago. It didn't fix things then, and Mikey knew a divorce wouldn't fix things now. But could she convince her mother?

And to make things worse, there was a new girl in their class at school, who was different from everyone else — Gianette was Creole, and didn't have a family. She lived with her grandmother, who was a witch. And when she arrived at a slumber-birthday party, her gift was a straw doll, complete with magic spells that her grandmother had put on it. She looked different, too, almost like a tiny doll who'd been magicked to life, not a real girl at all. But it wasn't until later that the truth came out, and everyone learned that Gianette was the baddest girl of all, so bad she was in a class by herself.