The Summer Before Video Booktalk

It's the last day of school and you and your best friends are so excited to start your summer. The summer between sixth and seventh grade will be the best summer yet. You'll spend all of your free time together and hang out non-stop, right?

For Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia, their summer isn't quite so simple.

First, let's talk about Kristy. Ever since Kristy's parents have gotten divorced, she rarely hears from her dad. She attempts to write him letters, but they're always returned. Maybe for her birthday, he'll surprise her by coming into town! But what are the chances of that, especially since her mom has a new boyfriend?

Mary Anne's dad is way overprotective. He picks out her clothes, won't let her babysit alone and makes her check in every 30 minutes to make sure she's okay. Mary Anne wonders if her mom were still alive, would her dad give her more freedom?

Then there's boy-crazy Claudia. During her twelfth birthday party over the summer, she meets the boy of her dreams! She spends every waking moment with him and doesn't spend any time with Kristy and Mary Anne.

Finally, there's Stacey. Born and raised in New York City, Stacey and her family will soon be moving to Connecticut, where Kristy, Mary Anne and Claudia live. Although Stacey will miss New York City restaurants and shopping, she certainly won't miss being picked on by her ex-best friend Laine. Ever since Stacey was diagnosed with diabetes, Laine doesn't want to be around her.

Boys, enemies, baby-sitting and changing friendships are all part of their summer break. Will the girls go their separate ways after the summer, or will they remain BFFs?