Nobody knew how old Dr. Avril Crump was, although her short, chubby figure, almost bald head, and smooth, round, pink face made her look rather like an overgrown baby. But she was no baby, she was a scientist, a brilliant researcher dedicated to cleaning up environmental disaster. It was a shame that her most recent experiments had ended abruptly, when she blew up her lab.

Well, actually, when she blew up four different labs! No, make that five different labs — she just blew up another one. But this last disaster wasn’t because of her research, it was because Professor Blut’s illegal cloning experiment and Avril’s most treasured possession, her Uncle Edgar’s chemistry set, got mixed up in a rather explosive way. The results of that explosion were three clones — a tall, skinny eighteenth century soldier, a dog with an attitude, and a little girl with one green and one amber eye.

Strange things are happening, things that involve not only Crump and the clones, but also the evil Blut, the dangerous assassin, and the unscrupulous Dr. Wetherby. And it’s only going to get more strange and weird the longer you wait, so come on in and join the fun!