Traveling to Brazil wasn't easy. We dragged heavy luggage around, waited in airports, and napped on the plane. Our in-flight meals included crepes and vanilla "Quagmire," a hairspray tasting, frosting consistency substance, which all of us disliked except for Melissa.

When we finally made it to Campo Grande, we learned that taxis never stopped at a stop sign or at a red light. We finally made it to the hotel where we met Mariza da Correa da Silva, who is in charge of Education at Conservation International (C.I.).

After our meeting we headed out to a local pizzeria for dinner. We all had an all-you-can-eat dinner; the waiters brought a variety of pizza to the table, and we chose which kinds we wanted. Our dinner was followed by desert — chocolate pizza! Atop the pizza was a topping that tasted like CinnabonTM frosting, chocolate, and it even had cheese! Despite this odd mix of tastes, the pizza was quite good. The sweetness of the chocolate and CinnabonTM-type frosting canceled out the cheese flavor and one could hardly tell that cheese + chocolate is normally an equation that does not come out right. Those Brazilians certainly are enlightened in the art of making pizzas. We were split on opinions about this — Melissa, Phil, and Nick liked it, while Adam, Andrew, and Lyssa didn't.

Then, we all returned to the hotel and went to bed, grateful that we got to sleep in actual beds instead of cramped airplane seats.

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