Camp IV

Camp IV, 21,200 ft. above sea level
Hillary and teammate Tenzing Norgay, roped to each other, cut ice steps and maneuver around hidden crevasses. After hours of hard work, they succeed in reaching Camp IV. Then they begin their descent to Base Camp. Along the way, Hillary jumps onto a loose ice block. It falls off the mountain and takes him with it! Acting fast, Norgay quickly grabs hold of the rope and saves his teammate. Phew! That was a close call. Obviously teamwork is one of the most important qualities for a successful climb. To find out more about Hillary's strong teammate, check out the Profile of Tenzing Norgay. What do you think are the most important traits for a climbing companion to have? If you were going to climb Mt. Everest, what type of person would you like to accompany you?

This is no place to stop! See you soon at the South Col.

Activity Pack

Making the Team
You are planning a climbing expedition and can only bring 14 team members. Make a list of who you'd include on your expedition and why. To help you make your list, think about what kinds of skills you would want your team members to know. For example, if you want to conduct scientific experiments on the expedition, then you may need a scientist or two. Keep in mind that not everyone will go to the very top, as was true in the Mt. Everest expedition, but every member has an important role. As you put together your team, read Whitney Stewart's comments on climbing, and think about why particular people were selected for the Everest team.

Crevasse- a deep, open crack in a glacier.

Photo: Archive Photos