Some animals really are a person’s best friend. The chart below shows three animals whose job it is to help people. Read the information below, then answer the questions.

Dogs (10 to 12 years)
Military dogs (such as German shepherds) check out places like warehouses and private fields. They keep out people who aren’t allowed to enter these areas.

Pygmy horse (30 to 40 years)
These horses grow only to about two feet tall, but they act as excellent guides for blind people.

Capuchin Monkeys (20 to 30 years)
These highly trained monkeys live with people who can’t move their arms and legs. The monkeys help them do tasks, like turn the pages of a book

1. Which animal has the shortest life span? ___________________

2. Which animal works with people who can’t move their arms and legs? ___________________

3. Explain the job of a pygmy horse in your own words. ___________________

Vocabulary builder: What’s the Word?

Fill in each blank with the correct word from the word bank. NOTE: One of the words in the word bank is not a possible answer. Word Bank: genres admired rudders, aviator

1. The Tuskegee Airmen were ______________________who fought in World War II.

2. Newfoundland dogs have strong tails that act as ______________________________________ .

3. There are several ______________________________ of books that you can read over the summer.

Reading Comprehension
Fill in the circle next to the best answer.

Daring Dogs

1. The main idea of this article is that ___.

A Newfoundlands are bearlike
B Newfoundlands are cuddly
C Newfoundlands can only be found in the U.S.
D Newfoundlands are good at rescuing swimmers

2. You read that Newfoundland dogs ___ .

A have webbed feet
B are small
C do not have tails
D have thin coats

3. You can guess that Newfoundland dogs ___ .

A don’t like water
B are smart animals
C don’t like people
D can live underwater, like fish