For Nate Banks, life can be pretty boring in the town of Kanigher Falls. Nate is a sixth grader at Ditko Middle School. He’s not the best student. However Nate does excel in one area. He is the local expert about comic books. He’s even won the Ultimate Comic Book Trivia Championship of Knowledge three different times. Nate can tell you everything there is to know about superheroes and supervillains.

Too bad that Kanigher Falls has never had any superheroes —until Ultraviolet shows up! Ultraviolet foils bank robbery attempts and rescues children from being hit by trucks. Everybody thinks Ultraviolet is a true hero. Well, everybody except Nate’s strict history teacher, Ms. Matthews, that is. Ms. Matthews doesn’t believe in superheroes and is definitely not a fan of comic books. Why couldn’t she be more like his cool science teacher, Dr. Content? Dr. Content lets his classes talk about Ultraviolet all the time! One day, Dr. Content pulls Nate aside and asks him if he wants to earn some extra credit. Nate’s grade needs to be improved and Dr. Content has the perfect solution. If Nate can gather information on Ultraviolet’s identity, strengths and weaknesses and write them up in a report, his grade in science class will improve!

While researching Ultraviolet’s identity, Nate is almost crushed by some football players on the field. Luckily, Ms. Matthews happened to rescue him just in time. But how did she get to the football field so fast? She was just in the school parking lot a few seconds ago…

After careful research, Nate has come to his conclusion — Ms. Matthews is Ultraviolet! But how could that be? She’s the strict teacher who gives pop quizzes and hates superheroes. There’s no way that she could be the town’s hero! But why is Dr. Content so interested in her?

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