The following suggestions will help you to incorporate literacy learning into each of your learning centers:


Science Area

* Nonfiction science books such as Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser

* Notebooks

* Diagrams

* Graph paper

Dramatic-Play Area

* Books for reading in the "airport" or "bus station"

* Travel books and brochures

* Paper tickets

* Maps

* Luggage tags on a suitcase

* Train or bus schedules

* Memo pads

* Pictures and captions of places children have visited

Math Area

* Cookbooks

* Books that feature numbers and counting concepts

* Notepads and pencils for "writing checks"

Library Area

* Books on open-faced bookshelves

* Stamp pad and index cards to "check out" books

* Magazines and newspapers

* Pens, pencils, markers

* Sign-in/sign-out sheet

Block Area

* Books showing construction stages of buildings

* Books about tools and vehicles

* Order forms

* Pencils

* Catalogs and advertisements from hardware and home supply stores

* Photos, postcards, drawings, blue prints, and pictures of buildings under construction and completed

* Markers and cardboard for making signs