Alcatraz is back and still fighting the Evil Librarians, and he’s in more danger than ever.

Alcatraz was sitting in the airport, waiting for his grandfather and eating stale potato chips. They were about to leave for NalHalla, Alcatraz’s home, one of the Free Kingdoms. He was wearing baby blue Courier’s Oculatory Lenses, which allowed him to stay in touch with his grandfather. But the lenses were also the way the Evil Librarians could recognize him. Because of that, Alcatraz was in danger.

He wondered about taking off the lenses, but then he noticed a man in a suit and sunglasses who was either talking to himself or into a radio receiver. Alcatraz was pretty sure which it was. His cover was blown. There were Evil Librarians all around him. He had to take action or risk death. He couldn’t wait for his grandfather any longer.

He got out — and into a giant glass flying dragon that had been sent to pick him up. His friend Bastille, her mother Draulin, the pilot Australia, and Alcatraz’s uncle Kray were there to meet him— his grandfather had sent them a note asking them to pick him up. Bastille was showing him to his cabin, when suddenly he heard his grandfather’s voice through his lenses, very weak and faint. “I’ve found your father. I’m sure he came here to the Library of Alexandria.”

Suddenly the ship had a new goal and a new direction — Egypt and the Library of Alexandria, one of the most dangerous places in all of the Hushlands. The Librarians there wouldn’t just imprison you or kill you, they’d steal your soul. But Alcatraz knew he was the only person who could save his father and grandfather. No matter the difficulty, no matter the danger, Alcatraz had to be a hero yet again, against the most dangerous Librarians ever.