Who are Alaska's people? What is it like to grow up and live in Alaska? Do moose really walk through Alaskan school yards? Learn about our northernmost state.

Begin your exploration of Alaska with the Home Page of Anne Hopkins Wien Elementary School at http://www.northstar.k12.ak.us/schools/awe/awe.html. It will give you information about the school, kids, and the city of Fairbanks. Just click on a link.

Begin by taking the Alaska Super Quiz. Find out how much you know already about Alaska. Do you rank as a sourdough or a cheechako?


Go to "Interesting Alaskan Facts." Read about Alaska.

  • Where did it gets its name?

  • Who were some of its earliest people?

  • How far is Alaska from Russia?

Anne Wien Elementary School is in the city of Fairbanks. Go to "The History of Fairbanks." Read about the city's history and discover who founded the city and why. Do you live in a city that is older or younger than Fairbanks?

Follow the link to find out today's weather in Fairbanks. What is the temperature? Is it warmer or colder where you live?

Extension Activity

Now that you know a little about life in Fairbanks and in Alaska, visit another area or city there. Write a letter to a friend telling about it. You can find information at http://www.state.ak.us/local/communit.shtml.