Additional Resources

This popular visual thinking tool helps students in grades K-5 see, organize, and develop ideas through outlines or diagrams, honing students' linear and global information processing styles.

Inspiration Inc., Win/Mac, $69;; 1-800-877-4292

Intellikeys is a programmable alternative keyboard for students with physical, visual,
or cognitive disabilities who have difficulty using a computer's standard keyboard. Children can easily execute menu commands.

Intellitools, Win/Mac, $395;; 1-800-899-6687

This software tool allows students to use a finger to move a picture, word, or an object on the computer screen to navigate through software programs.

Riverdeep, Win/Mac, $335 for 15-inch screen;; 1-800-825-4420

This device uses light sensor technology to translate the movements of the user's head to serve as the computer's mouse. It is ideal for students with limited use of their hands.

Origin Instruments; $1,795;; 1-972-606-8740