The Scholastic Center for Literacy and Learning, an organization sponsored by Scholastic Inc. and advised by leading educators, is dedicated to the ongoing research and development of educational products and services that will help educators improve students' reading achievement. The following eight principles derived from research findings from the Scholastic Center for Literacy and Learning provide the foundation for the reading management and motivation system, Scholastic Reading Counts! 
1.Reading achievement is positively related to the amount of time spent reading.
2.Vocabulary and concept knowledge are developed through extensive reading.
3.Reading practice that is carefully selected and matched to students' reading levels is the best way to strengthen reading skills and foster the reading habit.
4.Motivation is essential for maintaining students' sustained attention on reading.
5.Comprehension, the goal of effective reading instruction, requires wide reading, responding to questions, and talking and writing about what is read.
6.Helping struggling readers requires a supportive literacy environment as part of a carefully planned intervention program.
7.Families and communities have an important role in helping students become successful readers.
8.Assessment and evaluation are necessary in order to monitor student progress and adjust instruction.