The ABC center provides a place for children to practice any word study lessons you have previously taught.

Organization and Routines

Designate a Space—This center is most successful when it is set up at a student table, because this gives children a place to write and allows them easy access to table supplies, such as scissors, glue, markers, and crayons.

Post an Alphabet Chart—Since children work a great deal with letters and sounds at this center, I like to post an alphabet chart near the table for them to use as a reference.

Storage of Center Materials—I provide paper for children to write on as well as magnetic letters for children to manipulate as they work. I store these materials in baskets or bins on the shelf near the center.

ABC Center in Motion

The possibilities for ABC center activities are endless! In my classroom, the ABC center changes weekly. I teach a particular word principle for a week, and once students grasp the concept, I know they are ready to practice it independently at the ABC center. It’s important for children to have experienced the center activity before I ask them to do it independently.


This is an excerpt from Literacy Centers in Photographs by Nikki Campo-Stallone.