Lesson Planning

Scholastic Classroom Ideas to Go!
Search by subject and grade through more than 1,200 lesson ideas from Instructor magazine. Save your favorites in your personal library. iOS. $0.99.

Socrative is a clicker-response system similar to those used with interactive whiteboards. One app is downloaded on students’ tablets and another on the teacher’s. Students respond to multiple-choice, short-answer, and quiz-game questions; results are displayed as bar graphs and can be exported as reports. iOS and Android. Free.

Common Core Standards
ELA and math Common Core State Standards are organized by grade level. “All of the standards are at your fingertips on this easy-to-use app with search capabilities,” says Troy, Michigan, teacher Genia Connell. iOS and Android. Free

Common Core ConceptBANK
This app not only lets you navigate the K–5 Common Core standards in ELA and math, it also features sample questions for the standards. It seems intuitive to pair it with ScootPad, an app from the same developer that facilitates individual student practice in reading and math.
iOS and Android. Free.

Classroom Management

TeacherKit (formerly known as TeacherPal) is a personal organizer designed for the classroom. Create class lists, take attendance, enter grades, manage student data, make seating charts, monitor behavior, and more.
iOS. Free.

Too Noisy Pro
Looking for a way to teach your students exactly what an “inside voice” is? Set the app to the maximum acceptable noise level for your classroom. When it’s exceeded, the app will respond with an alarm.
iOS. $1.99.

Super Duper Data Tracker
Monitor students’ progress with the tap of a finger. This app allows you to enter students’ names and their academic and behavioral goals. During each session with the student, you can add data and notes about progress. iOS and Android. $1.99.

Enter real-time data about student behavior by assigning points for teamwork, creativity, and more. Information can be shared with parents and other staff members. iOS. Free.


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