Special Needs

iOS and Android. $1.99. All ages
“Using supports such as visual timers when working with students with autism is a best practice,” says Carol Leynse Harpold, a former occupational therapist and assistive technology practitioner for the Sheboygan Falls School District in Wisconsin.

See. Touch. Learn. Pro
iOS. $39.99. All ages
To help support visual learners, try this customizable visual flash-card app designed for kids with special needs. The latest version offers data-tracking features for teachers.

Word Flips
iOS. $29.99. Grades PreK+
Introduce kids who have limited or unintelligible speech to functional vocabulary words such as greetings by practicing sound sequences. Teachers can choose words by articulatory placement or syllable structure.

My Pictures Talk
iOS. $2.99. All ages
Kim Hinton, a special education teacher at Lemons Mill Elementary in Georgetown, Kentucky, uses this modeling tool to create “talking photo albums to help students learn new routines” and wanted behaviors.

Learning Ally
iOS and Android. Free w/ membership. All ages
This audiobook app boasts 75,000-plus titles. “Learning Ally supports people with dyslexia and print disabilities,” says Kristi Evans, a reading specialist at Stephen Gaynor School in New York City. “It allows struggling readers to match the words they’re hearing with the words they’re reading.”

Letter Reflex
iOS. $3.99. All ages
Use kinesthetic learning methods to assist kids struggling with letter reversal for the letters d, b, p, and q. “[The app] is fast-paced enough to keep a student entertained, while being difficult enough for the students who need this intervention,” explains Hinton.

My Emotions
iOS and Android. Free. All ages
“My Emotions is an interactive book with a cartoon boy’s face displaying a variety of emotions and explaining why or when he feels that way,” says Brie Holtrop, a special education teacher at Victor J. Andrew High School in Tinley Park, Illinois.


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