Preschool is a lot more than finger-painting and graham crackers. Here are six skill-builders your preschooler encounters throughout the day:
  1. Teacher's greeting: This introduction to the classroom establishes the beginning of a new day and helps your child feel at ease.

  2. Group time: When the teacher responds to all comments with equal attention, children learn to share the spotlight.

  3. Activity time: Problem-solving and creativity come into play during activities such as pretend play, building with blocks, and many more.

  4. Snack: Children learn manners, healthy interaction, and social skills as they munch.

  5. Story time: Narrative skills, knowledge, and abstract thinking are all introduced, as children build listening and concentration ability.

  6. Recess: In addition to physical fitness, recess helps children learn new games and begin to grasp the art of conflict resolution.