Special Needs

Super Duper WH Question Cards Pro
Speech and language pathologist Jenna Rayburn of Columbus, Ohio, uses her iPad with students on a daily basis. Apps like WH Questions Cards “eliminate the need to carry sets of articulation cards or language worksheets from classroom to classroom,” she says. iOS. $11.99.

“The iPad isn’t a magic bullet, but for some of our students, it really is,” says Leslie Schecht, a director of technology with New York City public schools. She recommends apps like AutismXpress, which helps students match expressions with emotions. iOS and Android. $1.99.

“Choiceworks is valuable in creating visual supports for students who have a variety of needs,” says Bill Thompson, a school psychologist with the Orange County Department of Education in California. “The program allows teachers and parents to construct visual schedules using their own pictures or ones from its library.”
iOS. $4.99.

Sono Flex
Sono Flex is for students who are nonverbal or have communication difficulties. It allows them to express themselves with the touch of a finger. Students can tap words and pictures from the app’s glossary, and the tablet will say their selections out loud. iOS and Android. $99.99.

Dragon Dictation
This voice recognition app is most useful for students with fine motor difficulties or physical impairments that make writing or typing challenging. Simply speak into the microphone and the words appear on screen.
iOS. Free.

Signed Stories
This animated storytelling app tells stories in American Sign Language. With each book read, students can add words to their video dictionary. The app and first story are free; additional stories can be purchased separately for $5 to $7 apiece. iOS. Free.

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