Happy Little Farmer
Designed for preschool-age learners, the app covers the entire life cycle of plants. Kids can grow their own fruits and vegetables, play games, and collect stickers along the way. iOS. $1.99.

BrainPOP: Featured Movie
Access BrainPOP’s huge library of videos, spanning all content areas. Science videos address topics in earth, life, and physical sciences, including weather, space, and physics. iOS and Android. Free app; $6.99 for full-access subscription.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Take a virtual field trip to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Watch live-streaming videos of its residents and read about each species, from aardvark to zebra. iOS and Android. $1.99.

Nearpod allows teachers to deliver presentations to students’ tablets and collect responses. Karen Darroch, a fourth-grade teacher at Green Valley Elementary School in Hoover, Alabama, who uses Nearpod across the curriculum, says it’s particularly handy for creating interactive presentations in the sciences. iOS. Free.

Students in grades 4 and up can use this app for research and projects. Access news, photos, videos, mission information, and more from the country’s leading authority on space. iOS and Android. Free.

Frog Dissection
Aimed at a middle school audience, this app offers an alternative to physical dissection. Students learn about dissection tools, as well as a frog’s anatomy and organs. A quiz follows at the end. iOS. $3.99.

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