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Andrew Goldberg, a music teacher at P.S. 117 in New York City, has formed an iPad band for his students with
special needs. “They can play melodies, chords, and rhythms on a realistic touch-screen keyboard, guitar, or drum set,” he says. “Because I teach in a special needs environment, the adaptability that GarageBand for iPad offers is essential.” iOS. $4.99

Drawing Carl
Young students can make their own masterpieces using pencils, markers, paint, stamps, patterns, and a variety of other tools. They’ll love Mirror Mode and mixing colors.
iOS. $0.99.

Let’s Create! Pottery
Have your students create ceramics—without the mess! Put your clay on the virtual pottery wheel and start to craft. You can even glaze and fire your pottery to perfection. iOS. $4.99.

MoMA Art Lab
Young Picassos in grades 2 and up can investigate how modern artists use line, shape, and color, with examples from the Museum of Modern Art’s collection. Then they can use the app’s drawing tools to create, save, and share their own works of modern art. iOS. $2.99.

Music Tutor
Have students practice pitch identification and sight-reading skills with one-, five-, or ten-minute quizzes. The app lets you work on the treble clef, bass clef, or both. iOS and Android. Free.

Virtuoso Piano
Teach basic keyboard skills using this app. Virtuoso Piano has several handy features, including duet mode. Additional instruments can be purchased within the app for $0.99 each. iOS. Free.

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