Social Studies

Presidents Challenge
iOS. $1.99. Grades 3+
Put knowledge of U.S. presidents to the test by chronologically ordering our nation’s leaders into four different eras while uncovering facts about them.

One Globe Kids
iOS. Free w/in-app purchases. Grades K–5
“Memorable daily-life stories from kids around the world help students gain cultural understanding, learn about other countries, and make comparisons to their own lives,” says Shira Lee Katz, director of digital learning at Common Sense Media.

Discovery Education: U.S. Geography
iOS. $0.99. Grades 2+
Explore America from your desk with this interactive map by Phunware. “The app [which features news stories and video tours] goes beyond the usual focus on learning the names and locations of states and their capitals,” says Cheryl Lykowski, a second-grade teacher at Monroe Road Elementary in Lambertville, Michigan.

Journeys of Invention
iOS. $9.99. All ages
Bring history lessons to life with this collection of inventions of yore that kids can rotate, study, and even operate. Climb aboard the Apollo 10 Command Module or tune in to a D-Day news broadcast on the Eisler Radio for lessons kids won’t forget.

iOS. $6.99. All ages
To reinforce classwork, teachers Sara Norman and Angie Kalthoff of St. Cloud, Minnesota, encourage kids to use this multiplayer quiz game as a study aid. “You’ll find quizzes already created for geography, civics, economics, and history for most grade levels,” says Norman.

Field Trip
iOS and Android. Free. All ages
Teach kids about local culture and history by exploring historical haunts in your hometown. Field Trip runs in the background of your device and provides in-depth information on nearby hidden gems as you pass them.


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