Pines to Vines: The Forest Biome
iOS. $18.99. Grades 1–8
Ditch your heavy textbooks and bring earth science to life with this digital science book featuring interactive learning tools such as audio and animation. Bonus: The text can be adjusted for different reading levels.

DIY Sun Science
iOS. Free. Grades 3–8
Start astronomy lessons with a bang with this interactive astronomy app. Don’t miss the sun cam, which allows kids to view live images from a NASA satellite on their mobile devices.

ColAR Mix
iOS and Andriod. Free. Grades K–3
For super-creative science projects, teachers Sara Norman and Angie Kalthoff of St. Cloud, Minnesota, recommend this 3D augmented-reality coloring book app. “My students ­created their own dinosaurs and completed a creature report about the dinosaur’s habitat, diet, and family,” says Kalthoff.

Bubble Ball
iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Free. All ages
Kids manipulate shapes and “power-ups,” like catapults, to guide a bubble from spot to spot. “As students pro­gress, they begin to understand the physics behind the ‘game’ through trial and error,” says Cheryl Lykowski, a second-grade teacher at Monroe Road Elementary in Lambertville, Michigan.

Owl Pellet Activities
iOS. $1.99. Grades 5+
Underscore the role of data analysis in science by uploading the results of owl pellet dissections to this national database. “[Students] can enter their discoveries and compare with other students from around the nation,” says Katie Lyon, a fifth-grade teacher and co–vice principal at St. Timothy School in Los Angeles.

iOS and Android. Free w/in-app purchases. Grades 3–7
Computer science is becoming a core subject. Teach the basics with this puzzle-based coding app, in which kids drag and drop visual code blocks to solve increasingly difficult puzzles while learning programming.


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