Slice Fractions
iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. $2.99. Grades 2–5
Kids won’t notice they’re studying while playing Slice Fractions. Students practice part-whole partitioning, equivalency, and more as they slice “lava” shapes to clear a path for a wandering elephant with a penchant for kooky hats.

iOS and Android. Free. Grades 2–5
Give an old-school math tool, the geoboard, a 21st-century upgrade. As with the no-tech version, students stretch bands around pegs to form shapes and explore concepts such as fractions and angles. On the virtual version, math geniuses can even fill in shapes and expand the board size.

Mt. Multiplis
iOS. Free. Grades 3–5
Struggling students practice multiplication while building bridges from one level to the next. Colleen Fail, a third-grade teacher at Crystal River Primary School in Florida, loves that the app “goes beyond flash cards, using the distributive property to help with fluency, efficiency, and understanding.”

Dexteria Dots
iOS. $2.99. Grades K–3
“A great tool for teaching, practicing, or building fluency in fundamental math concepts,” says Shira Lee Katz, director of digital learning at Common Sense Media. On, an app-review-and-rating platform for educators, Katz’s team highlights the app’s interactivity.

iOS. $1.99. Grades 1–3
“This easy-to-use app allows students to fine-tune their foundations in adding and subtracting with coins and bills,” says second-grade Michigan teacher Erin Klein, who blogs at Kleinspiration. “Teachers will love the built-in manipulatives.”

DragonBox Algebra 5+
iOS and Android. $2.99. Grades 4–8
Developed by a former math teacher, DragonBox helps kids form a conceptual understanding of equation solving. Through trying to isolate the DragonBox on one side of the game board, kids learn how to solve a linear equation.


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