Communication & Organization

Classroom Organizer
iOS and Android. Free.
“Classroom Organizer is a wonderful tool to use when managing your classroom library,” says Quitshaw. “The app easily allows for books to be scanned and uploaded into your personal classroom-library database. Then, students can use the app or the website to check out and return books.”

Class Messenger
iOS and Android. Free.
Communicating with parents just got a whole lot easier. “It works like an e-mail blast,” explains Laura Lai, a fifth-grade teacher in New York City. “Parents sign up for your class, and when you send out a message, you can put it in a certain category. Parents can receive the messages through text, e-mail, and/or in-app.”

iOS. Free.
Clip and share articles, websites, and other resources with your students via this social-learning platform. Teachers can provide feedback on student assignments through audio, video, and more.

iOS and Android. Free.
Pair pictures with videos, then scan the image to play, using this aug­mented reality app. Theresa Quitshaw, a middle school teacher at Joseph E. Gary Elementary in Chicago, uses Aurasma to introduce topics in an engaging way at the start of a unit.

Scholastic Book Wizard
iOS and Android. Free.
First, uncover reading and interest-level information by scanning a book’s bar code or searching the Scholastic database. Then, create leveled book lists to support any unit and save them in the app.

iOS and Android. Free.
Stay organized and on task with checklists to keep track of to-dos and project boards. Invite fellow teachers to a board to assign tasks and share updates.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie
iOS and Android. Free.
Leave voice mails for multiple parents with one click, include images alongside audio, and save conversations for easy reference with this tech-savvy twist on the two-way radio.


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