1. Painter’s Tape

Use strips of bright masking or painter’s tape to create instant frames that won’t damage walls. Japanese washi tape comes in particularly fun patterns and colors and is available online.

2. Clipboards

Kids can easily switch out their own masterpieces when you hang clipboards in a square or rectangular grid.
A nearby step stool can help little ones reach the top row.

3. Curtain-Rod Clips

Short on space? Look up. Install a curtain rod a few inches from your ceiling and display students’ creations using shower or curtain clips. Avoid nails or screws by placing a suspension rod in a tight area (such as a window well or library nook).

4. Cork Wall Tiles

Cork panels or tiles take up less room than a classic bulletin board, making them a great choice for narrow corners or otherwise unused classroom real

5. Clip Hangers

Kids can personalize skirt hangers with paint and other decorations—and you can move the hangers from wall to bulletin board to clothesline.