1 Scoop It Up! Collect several large paper tubes and place them into the sand area. Can children fill the tubes with sand? Ask them predict how many scoops it will take to fill the tube. Then ask them to count each scoopful as they try.

2 Marvelous and Magical Tube Collages. Set up the art area with a variety of paper tubes, tape, glue, string, scissors, construction paper, and markers. Invite the class to make a tube collage using any or all of the materials provided.

3 100 Days of School. Collect small paper tubes (from paper tissue rolls) to use for this "Hundredth Day of School" counting activity. Get a large spool of twine and invite a child to string on a paper tube each day of school. Each child can take a turn decorating the tube and writing the number for each day on it. Invite the class to predict how long their "tube necklace" will be. Record their prediction and then compare on day 100.

4 Puppet in a Tube. Invite children to make tube puppets to use in dramatic play. Provide the children with sturdy paper tubes similar to the length and weight of tubes used to hold foil or cellophane wrap. Set out a variety of materials including beady eyes, glue, yarn, felt, markers, scissors, oak tag paper, and small paper plates. They might base their puppets on favorite storybook characters.

5 Shake, Shake, Shake! Use small paper tubes to make shakers for children to use during music and group-singing-time. Invite children to decorate and individualize their shakers. Provide tempera paint, glue sticks, and collage materials. Enclose the bottom with oaktag secured with masking tape. Then ask the children to fill their shakers with sand, rice, or beans. Secure the other opening. Now, invite everyone to sing and play the shakers.