At the supermarket, keep your little shopper happy by enlisting his help — and avoid giving in to his every request.

  1. Have a set list and don't stray from it. Don't let yourself be talked into unnecessary purchases just to avoid an argument. Repeat your mantra: "It's not on our list."  
  3. Keep your child occupied. Play counting and matching games as you move from aisle to aisle.  
  5. Designate him your helper. Let your child locate items or even push the cart (but make sure you're always watching closely!). If you involve him in making the list before your shopping trip, he'll be even more motivated to participate when you're at the store.  
  7. Handle outbursts the way you would at home. Although it's tougher when you have an audience, stay calm. Be firm but patient.  
  9. Remember that you're not alone. It's happened to the best of us!