Amy and Dan were on their way to Tokyo, but even before the plane took off, their evil cousins Ian and Natalia got the best of them!

Amy and Dan Cahill had given up a cool two million dollars for the chance to beat the rest of the Cahill family and find the greatest source of power in the world. Since then, they'd nearly been killed in a collapsing building in Philadelphia, attacked by monks in Austria, and chased through the canals of Venice. They were in the lead, but when they got to the departure gate for their flight to Tokyo, the woman taking boarding passes asked them to step out of line, then disappeared with their boardng passes.

The last few passengers were getting on board, when Amy and Dan were nearly knocked over by two strangers in black coats who were also heading for the gate, waving their boarding passes. "Welcome aboard, Amy and Dan," said one of the gate attendants, ushering them on board. The two looked around as soon as they stepped into the walkway, and turned down their coat collars so Amy and Dan could see their faces. It was Ian and Natalie Kabras, the Cahill cousins they'd left unconscious in a burning room in Venice!

It didn't matter how hard Amy and Dan tried, they hadn't been able to get far enough ahead so the Kabrases couldn't catch up. They were older, smarter, colder, meaner, more devious, and more ambitious. They didn't let anything stop them. And now they were on the plane to Japan, traveling as Amy and Dan Cahill.

Amy and Dan watched the plane taxi away from the gate. Moments later, there was an announcement that everyone had to evacuate the terminal immediately. Amy and Dan ran outside, but the airport bus was just pulling away. And a large black limo screeched into the empty spot at the curb, and the driver gestured for Amy and Dan to get in.

It wasn't till the limo pulled away from the curb that they realized who was sitting in the back seat — a pleasant faced Oriental man with a silk suit and white gloves, another Cahill family member in the race for the money and the power — Alistair Oh — who had abandoned them in a burning building, planted a transmitter on them so they could be followed, and now told them that he was on their side, something that was obviously a lie. But he had gotten them away from the chaos at the airport, and he was offering to fly them to Japan on his private jet.

And the truth of the matter was that they were stuck without him. Nellie, Saladin, the swords, and their suitcases were on the plane with Ian and Natalie Kabras. Amy and Dan had no money and couldn't speak Japanese. Unfortunately, along with all the other Cahills, Alistair Oh was not to be trusted, and his plans were going just the way he wanted them to go.


This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, writer, librarian, consultant, and booktalking expert.